Our premium court provides a beautiful playing environment and a more elegant structure.

The rear walls have no structural elements other than in the corners providing great visibility into and out of the court.

3m high pilasters ensure optimum stability and strength.

  • Developed for the highest level of padel in accordance with NIDE 2004 Padel and the regulations of the FIP (International Padel Federation)

  • 20 x 10m (interior court measurement)

  • 20.47 x 10.47m (exterior court measurement)

  • Galvanised steel structure of exceptional strength

  • Baked lacquered paint with maximum resistance to abrasion and oxidation

  • 12mm thick glass panels

  • Option of 1 or 2 court openings (with or without doors)

  • Option of manual or electromagnetic locks

  • Latest generation Mondo artificial turf

  • Extensive range of net, bench and illumination options

  • Fully guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for 7 years (subject to proper maintenance)